How hard work leads to success

How Hard Work Leads To Success is something that we all desire for but not all of us are able to achieve it. What do you think is the reason behind it? How hard work leads to success God has created each one of us as the best of his creation and has blessed us all with the same brain. Then what is that one thing that creates a difference? It is our sincerity towards ourselves, it is the number of efforts that we put in our work and of course, This is the reason why our success these days is short-lived. To be honest, it takes hard work, motivation, and sweat to get to know the real essence of a success that lasts forever. There is a long list of entrepreneurs and bloggers who not only worked hard for achieving success.

Some Stories of How Hard Work Leads To Success

Digital Marketer Neil Patel:

Being an ordinary employer at a berry farm hired for cleaning restrooms and for emptying the trash cans, Neil Patel developed himself as a co-founder of crazy eggs, KISS metrics, and Hello Bar. Surrounded by the family of professionals who were into business for years, Neil was motivated by his mother to create work from home opportunities for himself. This transformation did not really happen overnight, he earned it all by his hard work and sincerity. He tested himself in quite a number of earning opportunities, from trying hard in a sale purchase business to working for others as an employee, he excelled the art of digital marketing. He now owns several software houses and a few known digital marketing firms.

Syed Balkhi

Syed Moiz Balkhi stepped into the world of entrepreneurship at a tender age of 12 and that too when he had little knowledge of English and had just immigrated to America from Pakistan. For him, his computer was his new best friend in an alien world around him. His companionship with this electronic device truly opened up newer opportunities for him and groomed him as an individual or words and wisdom. WPBeginner is his creation that is the largest site currently providing WordPress resources for free. His first entrepreneurial venture of selling Muslim Holiday Eid cards at the age of 7 outshined his expectations and motivated him to work hard for touching even greater heights of success in the future. He is now one of the 100 most influential entrepreneurs under 30. 

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is someone who we must look up to. His thirst of attaining knowledge together with his dedication and consistent hard work is what he considers to be the biggest of all his assets. A random biryani seller in Karachi, he remarkably transformed himself to someone who earned Rs. 1 crore in a year simply by offering online assistance to quite a large number of people at different e-learning platforms. He was someone who has never attended a school or a college, but he wisely invested in himself. At first improved his linguistic abilities by reading and understanding Urdu and Pashto newspapers. He then spent a few bucks on buying a PC and then dedicatedly worked over improving his skill set with the help of a few kind beings around him. Ultimately, he used those hard-earned skills to serve as the basis of various work from home opportunities.

Bia Alina Ehtesham Karachi Blogger:

Providing people with her brutally honest reviews and carving a place in their hearts by giving a definition of style and comfort to the word ‘hijab’, Alina is a Pakistani blogger who never really fails to amaze us with her charm and wisdom. Her hard work, passion and her consistency towards making efforts to leave a mark behind, she has successfully earned over 36.3K followers on Instagram. It was her charisma and purity of intentions that she recently got broadcasted in tv for a known local shampoo brand. She has also stepped into the world of entrepreneurship by launching her apparel brand under the title of MOOD by Alina. Her brand truly reflects her classy and bossy attitude towards life and its struggles and provides its consumer with high-quality stylish apparels that never fail to meet their high expectations. They say that God helps those who help themselves

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