What is Success in Life There is a lot of motivational chirping around regarding success e.g. How to be successful? What changes are required to be successful? Where to get tips? Researchers and thinkers made a lot of effort to answer these questions. Hundreds and thousands of books are written and video lectures are viral regarding this issue.  All of which are very helpful and informative but the major issue/problem remains unsolved that is WHAT IS SUCCESS IN LIFE.

Let us get some normal ideas about What is success in life

  1. Success is to get wealth.
  2. To get a good job.
  3. To have authority.
  4. Have a beautiful wife, house & luxury cars.
  5. To complete a degree with an excellent GPA.

The Basic Problem:

These are usual measures of success that we hear and view people struggling day n night to achieve. Here is a big question. Do they all succeed? Are they happy to get any of the above-mentioned measures, which they suffered for? You have led a life full of tiresome efforts to have the title of a billionaire at front page in Forbes, Sacrificed your day & nights, left your social life and worked more to make your business grow bigger. You were persistent and resilient that no failure was able to push you back. Now you have done it but there is some emptiness inside. You are still worried for some reasons. It is like you missed something very important far behind while driven on the road to success.

Historical Reference:

Human beings are most complex structured as well as authoritative creation in the universe. It is the embodiment of such attributes that sometimes are unbelievable. Mao Zedong, A great Chinese leader but in fact, just a single human being, changed a lazy nation into one of the top economies of the world. Hitler was the main reason for World War II and massacred so many people just for his wish to rule the world. Steve Jobs created Apple. They were all able to do such unbelievable (right or wrong) things/events to name themselves in history is because they found their inner self. They were able to find what they really wanted and that made them extraordinary. Everyone has that one will of doing something extraordinary but there are very few in the history that in fact, did extraordinary work.

Real Success:

So, Real Success is not to be what others want you to be. Success is what you want from yourself. It can be anything from above-mentioned points or something else. You can’t find it in success stories of others or books. It’s within you. You have to find your inner peace. Just take your time, relax, kick out all the other factors from your mind and just listen to the voice of your inner self and extract what is your real aim. Once you are able to detect what your real need is? Your journey to real success will begin at the same moment and there will be no fear of failure as well as no regrets after achievement. That will be real SUCCESS.

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