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How to Find Motivation in Life
How to Find Motivation in Life

How to Find Motivation in Life

If you and I are not motivated by something, we will be stuck in a rut probably for the rest of our lives. How to Find Motivation in life creates and maintains that mood of determination which can help us move to a higher level.

What is the main difference between a road sweeper and a millionaire? If your answer is money then you’d be wrong! The main difference is motivation in life. Motivation makes us find out how millionaires make their money and then take action to do the same.

The road sweeper does not believe he can become a millionaire. He plods along earning a minimum wage for no good reason except being trapped by his lack of belief in his worth and abilities. This man could turn his life around through motivation and self-belief.

Stuart Goldsmith, the multimillionaire, explains clearly why far too many of us live lives well below the level we could achieve. He goes on to explain convincingly how to improve our lives.

Richard Branson’s mum instilled in him from an early age the need to stay motivated and to work hard. She would not let him sit down for 5 minutes without making him go and do something useful. It has been said by someone that continuous action is usually the accompaniment of success.

Some Reason to Find Motivation in Life

1. To be honest, one main reason for this site is that I am fascinated by the whole subject of motivation and success and writing about it is a real pleasure.

2. I have no right to tell you what you should be doing in your life. My attitude is more like that summarized by the great playwright George Bernard Shaw.

3. I find that I need inspiring and reminding at regular intervals. I easily forget even the best of ideas and give up on the best of intentions. I’m encouraged when I learn that I am not the only one who goes home inspired after a seminar only to find that the inspiration fades after 24 hours.

4. I also learned recently that I’m just one of many who return after a seminar with a suitcase full of manuals and tapes and put them on a shelf without ever looking at them again. But, if you do the same, don’t feel too bad about that. At least, we got to the seminar!

5. One solution is to make sure that one is regularly motivated. Regular doses of motivation for the mind and spirit are just as necessary as regular food for the body.

6. By regularly reading books and listening to tapes and watching videos and visiting websites and attending seminars, the greatest ideas can become part of our daily lives. They can inspire us again and again and move us to action time after time.

Nearly everyone wants to be motivated in life to achieve success so it is worth examining the definition of success in some detail. Each definition can give new insights. I like this one by Michael Angier

You’re a success the instant you’re taking action toward a worthy objective.”

Action is the keyword here. Humans can think or can take action. We need both. The Bible stresses the importance of what people think and believe but also teaches that faith without works is dead. Success has also been defined as the progressive achievement of goals.

What is the Goal?

One excellent definition of a goal is that of Beverley Bachel. “A goal is something you want, of course! But there’s more to it than that. A goal is also something you’re willing to work for whether it takes you days, weeks, months, or years to achieve. A goal, like a dream, is something you desire. But a goal is more specific, more defined, more measurable than a dream. Goals can be stepping stones to your dreams.”

Achieving goals, especially difficult ones, also means achieving character – growing into a more powerful, knowledgeable, skillful, brave and compassionate person. Tony Robbins describes success as the ongoing process of striving to become more. It is the chance to repeatedly grow to show emotion, socially, spiritually, physiologically, intellectually and financially whereas conducive in some positive thanks to others.

Hundreds of books have been written about how to achieve success/goals. But as this subject is so central to every human life there is room for many more. Many of the ideas in the self-help literature are the same in book after book but people still need to be reminded of their importance and to see them through the eyes of different writers.

A year or so ago at the start of the new millennium, I attended a seminar on Network Marketing by Randy Gage in London. On the first night, he conducted a demonstration ‘Opportunity Meeting’. This kind of meeting shows how Network Marketing can fulfill those discarded dreams from the years when the audience was young and thought everything was possible.

Nothing he said was new but he reminded the audience of the timeless truth that we must count the cost of any dream. To be a successful network marketer and achieve the dream of becoming a millionaire, you must be prepared to spend 7-10 hours a week concentrating on marketing. This means giving up some television and some nights at the pub. It means working when you are tired and do not feel like it.

After two or three years this sacrifice may well not be necessary because you have already been rewarded with a residual income for life by your efforts. The same principle applies to any dream. To learn martial art well demands regular practice instead of watching soaps every night.

I already knew all this but Randy’s words reminded me of these great and obvious truths so forcibly that many people including myself were close to tears at the thought of all the dreams that had been lost because of a failure in commitment a failure to count and pay the cost of those dreams. Paying the price of success can lead to loss of motivation. The key question then becomes. how to find motivation in life.

How can I keep motivated even when it hurts?

One way is to be so desperate that we will do whatever it takes to escape the intolerable situation whether it be poverty, a miserable marriage, a boring job or an unhappy condition like being overweight.

Another way is to be so inspired and excited that we hardly notice the cost of keeping focused and working hard. On this web site, I will be offering readers the chance to buy and download books that have inspired and excited me.

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