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Success through Extra Efforts
Success through Extra Efforts

Success through Extra Efforts

Success through Extra Efforts you probably will be the best and will become a success. You will stand out from the crowd since so few people get around to doing their best. Do your best then and become a success because the average person seldom does their best. Many people spend about 80% of their free time watching TV instead of working on their skills or goals or the overwhelming chores that tend to pile upon us all.

My Story about Motivation

I was at a seminar last weekend. There were 2,600 people in the audience. The organizer had given up doing workshops for smaller teams. The reason he gave up was that out of the 30 people who attended the workshop only two would go on and put what they had learned into practice. 28 out of 30 don’t usually do their best. This gives a huge opportunity to the remaining two.

Several haven’t any plan of what real effort is regarding. Occasionally some exceptional people show us all that humans are capable of doing if they do their best. Very few people do any sit-ups and, of those who do, few will go beyond 20. “Don’t smile till you’ve got a hundred runs then you can smile. That’s what it’s about. Get big scores. All batsmen should keep that in mind.

When they get to 50, they should say ‘that’s only half the job. Get your head down and get another 50. You don’t smile until you get back in the pavilion and have got some runs. In other words, don’t be easily satisfied. Don’t praise yourself too soon. Do more! Tiger Woods, after the third round at the St Andrews Open in July 2000, was practicing until 8.45 p.m. Even the man considered to be the best golfer in the world was not content to sit back after another successful day. He did more.

Tiger Woods has controlled his thinking from an early age and has programmed his thoughts to make him expect more and do far more than the recognized high standards of most golf professionals. Sometimes it is enough to do just a little more than the average. A few extra hours of work could make you stand out from the rest. An author who will touch a lot of analysis or a small amount a lot of pondering the simplest words to use in his or her book will remodel the book.

A little more attention to detail could make a failing business successful. A good copywriter can transform an ad with just one word and even just one letter. The person who refuses to live an ordinary life often realizes how little the extra effort it takes is and yet the rewards for this small extra effort are out of all proportion to what it costs. The mediocre person thinks that he’s taking the easy way but in the long haul he’s taking the hardest way of all because he must spend his entire life existing on the poor money results that his average work produces.

A retired corporate executive was once asked the key to his success. He replied that it could be summed up in three words. He discovered early in his life that the difference between the ordinary people and the higher echelons could be explained by the fact that the top people did what was expected of them and they then did more. They were sensitive to the requirements of others then gave even a lot facilitate. They dealt with their responsibilities fully and then worked some more. Success through Extra Efforts not for motivation but a true story.

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